Our Courses

Fire Officers Training Series – “Front Seat Ready

Today’s fireground is presenting more challenges and dangers than ever before. Many fire departments put a firefighter in the position of authority to make fireground decisions with little or no training. With these changes our firefighters and officers are not gaining the valuable skills needed to be successful fire officers. Ask yourself, are you “front seat ready?”

Rescue Company Operations

Rescue or Squad Companies is considered the most elite units within the fire department. They are responsible for performing the most basic to the most complex tasks all requiring skill, focus and determination. In this course, we will go over what it takes to make you and your department’s rescue or squad company ready to handle even the most complex fire and rescue incidents.

Truck Company/Tower Ladder Operations

Truck companies are tasked with some of the most versatile functions on the fireground. Unfortunately, in today’s fire service, more ladder trucks are understaffed with personnel. However, the job descriptions and tasks of the truck company do not change. This course provides an outline for prioritizing tasks for your truck company and completing the objectives in a safe but efficient manner.

Engine Company Operations for Fireground Success

As the old saying goes “The engine company makes or breaks the fireground.” Engine Company Operations are the foundation to every fire service operation. Being able to properly size –up, stretch, advance and extinguish the fire takes skill and discipline. So many times even the simplest mistakes in size-up, water supply and even stretching can lead to breakdown of fireground operations and jeopardize firefighter and civilian lives.

Drill Night – Company Level Drills

Yes, that’s right, we do company drills! From basic firefighting skills, to table-top strategies and tactics sessions, we will come to you and conduct your company drills. If you do not see any drill listed ask and we will work to make one just for your company.

Fireground Ventilation for the 21st Century Fire Service

Fires have drastically changed and firefighters are being exposed more violent fire behavior than ever before because of the advancements in household materials and construction. Firefighters put themselves and others at risk when they respond to these fires with the same strategies and tactics we’ve used in the past. Ventilation is just one aspect that can change the outcome of an operation.

Basement Fires Operations, Is Your Department Ready?

Basement fires are one of the toughest types of structural fires that firefighters and fire officers handle. Many firefighters and fire officers throughout the United States have been seriously injured or killed because of improper size-up and lack of understanding the strategies and tactics of fighting a basement fires.

Will You Survive the Fireground?

“Will You Survive the Fireground” is a course that examines firefighter survival through a three (3) step process: Prevention, Preparedness, and Discipline (P.P.D.)