Engine Company Operations for Fireground Success

(16 Hour Course)

As the old saying goes “The engine company makes or breaks the fireground.” Engine Company Operations are the foundation to every fire service operation. Being able to properly size –up, stretch, advance and extinguish the fire takes skill and discipline. So many times even the simplest mistakes in size-up, water supply and even stretching can lead to breakdown of fireground operations and jeopardize firefighter and civilian lives In our 16 hour Engine Company Operations Course we will go over what it takes to be a successful engine company with proper staffing as well as understaffed engine companies.

  • Engine Company Fundamentals
  • Stretching and Advancing Hoselines
  • Standpipe Operations
  • “Flying Standpipe” & Leader Line Operations
  • 2 ½” Vs 2” Attack Hoselines
  • Nozzles
  • Hoseline placement and operations