Fire Officers Training Series – “Front Seat Ready”

The fire service as we know it is forever changing. Today’s fireground is presenting more challenges and dangers than ever before. The ranks of experienced fire officers are diminishing, forcing young inexperienced firefighters to move up and assume the leadership roles. Many fire departments put a firefighter in the position of authority to make fireground decisions with little or no training. With these changes our firefighters and officers are not gaining the valuable skills needed to be successful fire officers. Ask yourself, are you “front seat ready?” There are many classes that say they provide the skills and expertise to making good fire officers but with our course we will make you “front seat ready.” In this part of our Fire Officer’s Development Training Series, some of the most experienced instructors will go over some of the fundamental skills needed in our interactive training program. This program will help to improve fire officers, future and aspiring officers, and firefighters to gain the needed skills in make initial incident decisions manage fire company operations on the fireground through our proven three step process “P.P.E” (Preparation, Performance, Evaluation.) we will provide students the fundamental skills needed to make solid fireground decisions increasing fireground discipline and effectiveness which are mission critical in emergency services.

  • Initial Size – Up & Incident Management
  • Basic Fire Service Strategies and Tactics
  • Building Construction & Hazards
  • P – Preparation P – Performance E- Evaluation (P.P.E)
  • Fireground Simulations Exercises – This not one of those run of the mill table top exercise where you sit in a class and stare at a screen. We use our latest fireground simulation software and equipment to make interactive fireground exercise where you actually sit in the front seat make your initial fireground size-up over a radio and give direction to a live crew performing fireground skills while managing the incident like it the real deal. After you are given constructive comments and suggestion from or Front Seat Ready Instructor Group.