Will You Survive the Fireground?

There is no doubt that there are many training courses that are dedicated to firefighter survival. With that in mind, how prepared are you for a worst case scenario on the fireground? What do you do to prevent a fireground emergency from happening to you? How disciplined are you at surviving a fireground emergency? “Will You Survive the Fireground” is a course that examines firefighter survival through a three (3) step process: Prevention, Preparedness, and Discipline (P.P.D.) In this training program, students go through our three step process and are placed in simulations that require them to evaluate and refine their own level of survival skills. You will be provided the necessary training to help Prevent, Prepare, and develop the fireground discipline mindset.

  • Prevention of Fireground Emergencies – Breaking the Chain Reaction
  • “Worst Case Scenario,” Preparation and Management for Mayday situations
  • Firefighter Escape and Egress Procedures
  • Fireground Discipline Mindset