Truck Company/Tower Ladder Operations

(16 Hour Course)

Truck companies are tasked with some of the most versatile functions on the fire ground. Unfortunately, in today’s fire service, more ladder trucks are understaffed with personnel. However, the job descriptions and tasks of the truck company do not change. This course provides an outline for prioritizing tasks for your truck company and completing the objectives in a safe but efficient manner. This course focuses on the practical aspects of truck company operations by utilizing our forcible entry, roll-up door, and portable roof props while allowing for ample group discussion that can all be tailored to your individual department’s needs.

  • Truck Company Size-Up and Task Prioritization
  • Aerial Placement
  • Fire ground Search Techniques/Vent Enter Search (VES)
  • Forcible Entry Techniques
  • Large Area Search/Thermal Imager Training
  • Ground Ladders
  • Outside Vent. Functions
  • Ventilation/Roof Operations
  • Tower Ladder Operations